"... And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

my 25 random things

1. I am scared of birds, fish & clowns.

2. I love to sing ... even tho I sound terrible doing it.

3. I broke both bones in my left arm (falling off a bike that was way too big for me to ride) & my collar bone (wrestling w/ my cousin Joel).

4. I flew in a 4 passenger plane the day the pilot got his license to fly .... and almost threw up afterwards because of all the flips and stuff he was doing.

5. I lived in Tulsa for one year and Los Angeles for 6 months.

6. I love Thai food.

7. I swam with dolphins with my family in Florida.

8. I have been to Venezuela, Haiti and Mexico on a missions trip.

9. I was 3rd team All State in high school for Volleyball.  I actually almost quit after my freshman year because I was so bad, but my coach saw my potential.

10. I got saved on my mom's birthday while she was out of the country on a missions trip.  Before I even went to the alter, God told my mom that she would receive the best birthday gift that day.

11. I absolutely love snowboarding but have not been able to go this winter because of my cash flow.

12. While living in Cali I met and took a picture with Marcel.  It was awesome.  (for those of you who don't know ... Marcel is the monkey on FRIENDS)

13. I went Parasailing in Florida with Deena and she passed out at the end of the ride .... it freaked me out.

14. All my christmas decorations are still up in my apt. and I have no intention of taking them down anytime soon.

15. I love starting books but have a hard time finishing them.

16. For some reason if I have someone over to my place I have to have at least one candle lit and a pot of coffee going.

17. I can't whistle.

18. My mom made me do a typing program every time I was grounded ... and I am now so incredibly thankful to her.

19. When I was younger my sister told me I was adopted and really had an older brother and a dog and that when I was 16 he was going to meet me on the roof of my "parents" house.  Almost every night she would tell me more about my brother and dog.

20. My 3rd day of living in Los Angeles I went for a run with one of my friends and we got lost.  We ended up finding our way back home with the help of a few homeless men.

21. It's near impossible for me to go shopping without getting a coffee to walk around with while I'm at the mall.

22. I missed my senior year prom because I was grounded ... and spent the entire day with my sister instead (it was the best prom/homecoming ever).

23. I don't let anyone touch my feet (not even my family or boyfriend).... I don't think any of them mind that much LOL

24. On the ride home from church one wed night my sisters got in a huge fight.  When we got home, my parents spanked all 3 of us even tho I had NOTHING to do with it and was innocent.

25. I love Jesus with all my heart and am truly blessed for the life He has given me.