"... And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

Friday, September 16, 2011

last weekend

Last weekend my nephew Joshy stayed w/ us while his parents were out of town. We had a LOT of fun. He is such a good baby. There were so many times I would find Judah & Joshy just staring at each other. It was actually funny .... it looked almost like a contest. I'm never quite sure who won, but whenever either of them play w/ me ... I lose. Thanks Matt & Carrie for lettings us spend time w/ our nephew. We LOVE you Joshy.

Judah is already getting so big. It makes me sad & happy all at the same time. Being a mother brings out pretty much every emotion you can have pretty much every day. He is talking a lot more now (& by talking I mean 'cooing'). & Although so far he has only done this for grandma, he is rolling over front to back. AHHHHHH I can't wait to see him do it. Since she told me yesterday he has been getting a lot of belly time. However he just won't seem to show me. UGH. He is driving me crazy .... just another emotion he pulls out of me :) Lastly, he wiggles around his crib SO much. Everytime I go in there to check on him he is in a different location in his crib. My lil wiggle worm.

(3 1/2 months)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

good food & great friends

Lance, Judah and I went to Steve and Sarah's condo last night & I brought dessert. I made the Brownie PeanutButter Cups again, but I wanted to try something new too. OK this dessert is MY favorite that I have baked so far. I'm not a huge chocolate girl ... so although others have appreciated those other treats, they have just been OK to me. BUT Cream Cheese Coffee Cake, yes please! Since I'm still new to this whole baking thing I always make Lance test the dessert before I let anyone eat it (which is why a piece is missing in the picture :) Once he gives the go ahead, then I bring it out! Everyone seemed to like it. Sarah & Steve made a delicious dinner & we feasted. Steve & Nikki joined later in the night for some games! Judah enjoyed the first hour, then spent the rest of the night snoozing :) All in all, it was a FUN evening spent w/ amazing friends.

Friday, September 2, 2011

time flies

Judah is now 3 months old. This kid is amazing & I LOVE him so much. Some things I want to make sure I remember about him at this age are .... 1. He LOVES to smile. And we love to see him smile ;) 2. He so enjoys having someone to talk to. He basically makes a bunch of noise until you come over to hang out w/ him. 3. He is wiggling around his crib. I am shocked every time I go in there and he is facing the other way ... or has a leg hanging out of the crib. 4. He is still snorting. To Lance and I, it just gets cuter & cuter. 5. If you have a camera pointed at him, he will not look anywhere else but into the lens. Which you would think I would love, however it makes it difficult sometimes to get him to look at me so I can make him smile.

We LOVE you Judah-bug!

get in my belly

I'm continuing my baking adventure. I found these brownies on Pinterest (of course) and couldn't wait to make them. I finally found the time. And I gotta say, I loved them. Brownie Peanutbutter cups. Yum :) Lance had 3 of them in one sitting! Translation ... success. I am having so much fun trying out all these different recipes. Who knew baking could be such a good time. Not me, that's for sure. But I'm glad I figured it out. Now if only all these desserts I am making could be fat free ... then I would truly be ONE HAPPY GIRL.

baby Salazar

My bestfriend (since we were babies) had her baby shower last Sunday. She looked so beautiful. I SERIOUSLY cannot wait for our kids to grow up as together. It makes me all emotional to think of everything we have been through together & that we even get to go through THIS together :) Only one more month. I love you, Mikes. You are going to be a wonderful mama.