"... And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

bragging rights

I feel like every single blog I post is either about Lance or my nieces and nephew.  However, I can't stop ;)  So here is yet ANOTHER post bragging on my favorite boy!  First I'll start by saying he planned the perfect birthday date!  We went to my favorite place to eat ... mongo, then to Kart to Kart which was my first time going (sooooooo FUN), then off to Romeo (yes, Romeo) to their high school to see High School Musical ;), we ended the night w/ a movie.  He knows me so well!  The next day was mother's day so we had a bbq over Chris and Lori's house.  Lance watched the kids so that all the moms could eat first.  WOW I HAVEN'T EVEN GOTTEN TO THE PART WHERE I BRAG ON HIM. ... here it is.  I wasn't feeling good yesterday and called Lance to complain about it.  When I got off work he was at our friends house about to start a bible study, so I headed home.  I walked in my apt. to find that he had cleaned the entire place (he came straight to my place after work to surprise me) ... which included dishes, taking out the trash, straightening the place, he made a pot of coffee for me & left on my table a bouquet of flowers (Iris ... my fav. ... and daises because the Irises would not bloom for a couple days) w/ a note that made me melt ;)  I am so lucky!  Sorry I talk about Lance so much on my blog ... but I have waited a long time for him :)
Ready to Kart it up
Lance w/ the kids ... look at Alina lol .... is she a model posing for this picture???? ... and Isaac .... is it nap time????