"... And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

Saturday, November 17, 2012

little lady

Today Eliana is 3 months old.  Seriously, where does time go?  I feel like it was only yesterday that we were bringing her home from the hospital.  A few things I want to make sure I remember at this milestone age.  1. She squeaks.  Seriously ... like a mouse.  It is so stinking cute, I can't even stand it.  2. It's so easy to get a smile from her.  Basically just look at her & she will smile.  3. She is already sleeping a full 10-12 hours through the night.  I was blessed with great sleepers.  4. She is just the sweetest little thing ever.  Just ask her dad.  5. Although I absolutely LOVE her smile, some of my favorite faces she has is when she is just sitting there staring off into space.  Hence, the picture.  

We love you so much baby girl.  You bring us so much joy every single day.