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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

5 things

My favorite things about my son

1. HE SNORTS. (literally all the time. It's so cute. Lance and I just laugh at him all the time.)
2. HIS EYES. (he will just stare at whoever is holding him. He is so alert.)
3. HE LOVES TO EAT. (he gets so excited when he feels his bottle to his lips that he starts shaking his head so fast that he gets milk everywhere.)
4. HE IS A GOOD SLEEPER. (from the day I brought him home, he would eat and go right back to bed.)
5. HE MAKES KISSY FACES. (he is always puckering his lips, which Lance and I always take the advantage to give him big kisses.)

I obviously love so many more things about him ... but these are a few I wanted to make sure I remember :)

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grandma said...

absolutely love this picture