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Friday, July 29, 2011


Ok so I am not a huge baker, but lately I have been trying a few things. Well, we had some people over tonight for a bonfire and I wanted to try something new. So I made FROM SCRATCH S'more Cupcakes. It's chocolate cupcakes w/ marshmallow filling and vanilla frosting with graham cracker sprinkles on top. It took a while to make, but I have to say I am super proud of them. I'm not totally confident that they taste THAT much better than the 'out of the box' cupcakes. However, I have a feeling Lance would want me to make them again :) I feel like I could put these on Pinterest! haha


Keri said...

good job little homemaker - very creative and fun!

Nina Bunk said...

those look amazing!!! and i feel the same way about some from scratch recipes. however i have a KILLER buttermilk recipe, you will want to eat all the cake batter before you even make the cupcakes!

great job jeni!