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Friday, September 16, 2011

last weekend

Last weekend my nephew Joshy stayed w/ us while his parents were out of town. We had a LOT of fun. He is such a good baby. There were so many times I would find Judah & Joshy just staring at each other. It was actually funny .... it looked almost like a contest. I'm never quite sure who won, but whenever either of them play w/ me ... I lose. Thanks Matt & Carrie for lettings us spend time w/ our nephew. We LOVE you Joshy.

Judah is already getting so big. It makes me sad & happy all at the same time. Being a mother brings out pretty much every emotion you can have pretty much every day. He is talking a lot more now (& by talking I mean 'cooing'). & Although so far he has only done this for grandma, he is rolling over front to back. AHHHHHH I can't wait to see him do it. Since she told me yesterday he has been getting a lot of belly time. However he just won't seem to show me. UGH. He is driving me crazy .... just another emotion he pulls out of me :) Lastly, he wiggles around his crib SO much. Everytime I go in there to check on him he is in a different location in his crib. My lil wiggle worm.

(3 1/2 months)

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Keri said...

1. Judah looks sooooo old in the first picture!

2. Judah ALWAYS wins starring contests with me too - he is the best.

3. I love him!