"... And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

Saturday, December 1, 2012

18 months and counting

My top 10 to my #1 lil man

1.  You love when you're daddy gets home from work... it might be your favorite part of the day.  As soon as you hear the door open, you start running towards it.  Then you spend the next hour on his lap playing w/ him.
2.  It's hard to find you without a bat or ball in your hands.  You can already dribble the soccer ball across the backyard.  You can pick up a baseball, set it on the tee and swing your bat to hit it across the yard.  Your father and I are so proud of you.
3.  Your absolute favorite word right now is 'stuck'.  Anytime you want help with something or going some where you say 'stuck stuck stuck' until someone comes to help you.  And of course then mama makes you say please ... which always results in a slanting of the head and a 'pease'  VERY CUTE.
4.  When you see me getting ready to leave, you will scream 'go' and then until I start getting you ready to leave too you will say "shoes" "socks" and "coat" constantly.  When I finally say coat too, you will run and get it for me.
5.  Whenever mama is cooking in the kitchen, you will 'help' by getting all the spices out of the cupboard and stack them.  I let you do this because I am super impressed that you can even get the awkward shaped spices to stay on top of each other.
6.  You will randomly throughout the day come over and hug me or daddy.  We absolutely melt every time you do this.  You are so sweet.
7.  I can count on at least once a day you charging at me or your dad w/ your sword yelling "arrrrrrrg."  We must run & grab a stick, bat or something to defend ourselves.  You are very good at swinging that sword.  You are learning to not swing at mama or baby :)
8.  You love your lil sister so much.  You always make sure she has a blanket on her.  You also love to give her kisses.  I hope you never lose that protectiveness to take care of her!
9.  You absolutely love playing w/ your cousins.  Whenever you guys are around each other you are always running around laughing.  
10.  After night time prayers when you daddy says Amen ... you either nod your head and say Amen or raise your hands high in the air and yell Amen.  Either one results in lots of hugs & kisses from your parents.

We love you so much Judah-bug.  You have been nothing but pure joy since the day you were born.  We are loving watching you grow up.  Happy 18 months buddy.